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Edrrovale College is a private and Christian boarding high school situated in Masvingo. It is a product of a deep commitment to world-class child-centered educational excellence.

The College opened its doors in January 2017 and is registered with the Ministry of Education.


The College recognises that each child is unique and that all children are creative and need to succeed. Edrrovale College offers a variety of subjects under the Cambridge curriculum.


Our Vision    :   We envision the success of our college community through limitless opportunities for achievement and excellence.

Our Mission :




Our Values  :    Excellence, Determination, Respect, Responsibility, Obedience, Volunteerism, Achievement & Quality.

The college recognises that each child is an individual, and that all children are creative. We believe that all children need to succeed. Edrrovale College therefore respects the individual needs of children, fosters a caring and creative environment and emphasises the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child.


Our classrooms are spacious and accommodate a maximum of twenty students not because of size but because of the need to keep the maximum teacher to pupil ration at 1:20.


Classrooms are air-conditioned to ensure that adverse temperatures do not affect the concentration or health of learners.


  • Our pupils are accommodated in pairs and each hostel has 12 rooms.
  • All girls’ rooms have en-suite bathroom facilities. Geysers are in place to provide warm water in all students’ bathrooms.
  • Hostel cleaning & laundry services - laundry services are provided by the school and hostel/classroom cleaning is done by Edrrovale staff.
  • The school provides sanitary bins and disposes the waste on a daily basis.
  • These services come at no extra cost to the parent.


It is our desire to have students that excel in sports. We will nurture their dreams in this regard through the provision of different sporting activities that we offer.


We have combo courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball that match international standards having being constructed by a reputable firm that has done such facilities at international level.


Facilities for rugby, soccer and cricket etc are being put up with the same zeal and standards. In the meantime, we are leasing facilities for these sports from other institutions in town.


We offer a variety of clubs from which learners choose. These are Interact, Quiz, Chess , Scripture Union, First Aid, Drama

and Public speaking.


Edrrovale College offers a daily meal. Timetable as follows:

  • 0630hrs – breakfast
  • 1000hrs – tea
  • 1300hrs – lunch
  • 1600hrs – tea
  • 1800hrs – supper
  • 2100hrs – after study tea


Meals are carefully selected to ensure a well-balanced diet. Pupils are also given alternative meals to take into account religious, medical or related dietary concerns on request. To download our standard menus, please click here.



We have a team of dedicated, motivated, highly qualified and experienced teachers ably led by Mr C. M. Dehwah. Our teachers are recipients of prestigious awards in the subject areas at school, district and provincial level.


Our staff complement is made up of former teachers at reputable schools like Dadaya, Riverton, Ndarama, Mucheke, Goromonzi, Serima and Knowsticks among others. Over and above our contractual obligations to staff, Edrrovale College has undertaken to reward those teachers that produce excellent results through a bonus and holiday package.


0773 002 101

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Box 810, Masvingo

DIRECTIONS: From Masvingo drive 4km along Mutare Road, turn left at 4 Brigade HQ and proceed for 15km. There are sign posts at every turn.

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Registered with the Ministry of Education.